Beautiful story

A wonderful introduction to children to celebrate that it is OK to be different and respect one another. Help our children gain confidence through kindness by reading this beautiful story!


Praise for Same Difference

“Enormous impact!”

It took my breath away !! This book will have an enormous impact on people and make a positive reaction that will get through to many people's minds. I'm sure it will shift current beliefs and bias. This will fly out of the shops, and we must promote it as much as possible. Must think how to get it out to schools to encourage them to have it on their bookshelf in classes!! Education would love this book!


Praise for Same Difference

“Loved It”

Amazing book. Very colourful and meaningful. Me and Esme loved it. Also love the idea of the little activity. Thumbs up from us.


Praise for Same Difference


I love this book. Its bright and colourful pictures are fabulous. Helping children to understand that there can be similarities between things or people but it's OK to be different. What a valuable lesson for children. I cannot wait to share this book with my own grandchildren building their confidence helping them to understand and accept we are who we are. Cant wait for the next one.


Praise for Same Difference


This is a truly engaging, inspiring, heart warming book with superb, age appropriate graphics, which I have no doubt will serve as an educational resource in a variety of learning environments, including home and school. I am impressed how the author has facilitated and stimulated the input of children to look at other areas of diversity and cleverly integrated knowledge in regard to the environment. The message in the book is very clear. To be kind and caring. Highly recommended.


Praise for Same Difference

“Dignity and respect”

A very current topic covered in this book in a world we are living in, very insightful for the younger generation to learn dignity and respect for each other in a fun and colourful, bright book. Well done. I look forward to your next book.


Praise for Same Difference

“Very imaginative”

Lovely, very simple, but isn't that the same for all great ideas. People always wonder why they didn't think of it. The illustrations are beautiful and I guess it will end differently for everyone as they each think of different things the same but different. Very imaginative


Praise for Same Difference


Wow! Love it. I showed it Joanne as she’s an early years teacher. She can’t wait till it’s available cos she’d like to use it with her class, Joanne said it’s hard to find books that make the subject simple to understand but this is just right for kids of any age. And we both especially love the illustrations! Brilliant.


Praise for Same Difference

“5 Stars!”

I read this book and found it to be informative for young children learning that people can be different but we all equal. Well done, 5 stars for something different, pardon the pun.


Praise for Same Difference


I think the book is great! In a world of increasing globalisation, tolerance is very important. This book will be used encourage our children to view the differences we have as positives.


Praise for Same Difference


I am so proud of my talented Auntie for writing such a wonderful book. The message we could all take on board to treat everyone the same and be kind is so important. Straight and to the point. The illustrations used makes a good talking point to discuss every page with your little one. Me and my daughter thought that one of the clouds looks like a dinosaur. Would definitely recommend.


Praise for Same Difference

“Fantastic book!”

I absolutely love Same Difference. My daughter is 4 years old and this book led to lots of questions about diversity. It explains differences in a way that she could clearly understand and the activities at the end are a fantastic idea, perfect for a preschool/school setting. My daughter actually said “your different mummy because you have purple hair but that's OK to be different”. The illustrations capture the essence of the book wonderfully. Fantastic book all around and I can't wait to read more from this author.


Praise for Same Difference

Same Difference

Nicola Sherry

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